Living Intentionally

Two young saplings rise into daylight

Two little saplings are growing not far from each other, both identical and freshly sprouted from the ground. The first one grows naturally, turns towards the sun, and confidently embraces its rays. It naturally absorbs rainwater and rests under the stars and the moonlight.

The other looks around and, seeing the sky and the sun, says to itself, ‘Maybe I should grow at night. The sun is very hot. It could burn or exhaust me, and the rain is really wet; it gets all over me when it rains. I’m not sure I like this rain, and I’m not sure it helps me grow properly. Maybe I should find out where it comes from, and I should analyze the sun’s rays to ensure I’m getting the right doses. Or perhaps the moon is better suited to my growth, and I would grow taller if I did it at night, while that fool next to me gets slowed down by the sun.‘

In the morning, the first one stretches its new branches and unfolds tender new leaves, growing with total confidence, while the second one curls up, all shriveled.

When you are in touch with yourself, your vital energy naturally leads you on a path of personal fulfillment and the expression of your potentials in harmony with your preferences, values, and beliefs.

When you have learned to doubt yourself, to mistrust your desires, emotions, and choices, when you are buried under layers of rules, judgments, or personal stories accumulated over time, you live in discomfort and constant conflict with your natural flow. You must constantly control your actions and expression at the expense of your fulfillment, well-being, and health.

We have been taught to seek outside ourselves, through our actions and the recognition of others, the answer to an important question.

 “Who am I?” or “Who do I want to be?”

When you trust and give importance only to external sources, the question ‘Who am I?’ takes root solely in the views and opinions of others. Your parents, your friends, the media are the ones who dictate your actions, words, desires, and even your needs. It is to make your life easier. In a way, it removes all responsibility from you. You don’t need to ask yourself questions because ‘that’s just the way it is. What can I do against what is?‘

However, in the long term, you find yourself weakened and gradually stripped of your importance, personal value, and choices. You end up diminished and powerless in the face of others or situations in which you inevitably find yourself, a victim of an identity that has been shaped without your knowledge and for which you have lost the keys.

By reframing the question to ‘Who do I want to be?’, you can take back control of your life, regain your ability to make choices and decide for yourself what to think of your experiences. ‘They said I was generous. Don’t I also have the right to receive and take time for myself?’, ‘They said I was lazy. Wasn’t it simply a reaction to imposed rules and life choices when my freedom would have been the most important?‘

It is then that you can finally update your world models as you update your GPS with the state of new roads, addresses, and points of interest. And once you have this new information, you can finally answer the question ‘Who am I?’ with confidence.

Living Intentionally

My goal is for you to achieve self-determination. To know yourself better, to become aware of what influences your preferences, choices, and thoughts, in order to consciously decide to live intentionally.

If you have the desire to take back control of your life, or have a curiosity about yourself, we can work together.

The foundation of my support is a unified listening approach. It takes into account the multiple dimensions of the human being (body, emotions, intellect, intuition, energy…) and your specificities (your values, beliefs, interests, capacities) as well as the two pillars of life that form the essence of your existence.

Intent and Desire

When we are disconnected from these two forces or when we try to go against the natural flow they infuse into our energy, we create frustration, conflicts, and isolation. We distance ourselves from who we are and no longer know why we ended up here. No matter what we do, it never brings us the satisfaction we seek.

If you become aware of these two forces, you can stay centered and connected with yourself. You find your fulfillment and life flows naturally. This does not mean that there will no longer be challenges or difficulties, but you will be able to overcome them, carried by these essential forces. You gain a better understanding of yourself, your preferences, and your abilities. You understand the choices you have made that brought you to where you are and where you can go from there.


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